How to add annotations in Google Analytics 2018

Step 1

Once you are on the home page of the Google Analytics dashboard click on Audience Overview link

Step 2

Click on the down arrow and a section will appear where you could add the annotations.



How to convert an email list to clickable email addresses in Excel

This is done on Mac office Excel ver.15.31 but I assume the process would be much similar if you on PC and the Excel version isn’t that old.

Follow the menu selection,

Tools–>Macros–>Visual basic editor


Then below window will pop up and you just paste the code, update the Column letter where you have the email lists. Highlighted on the image below. Then click the |> button

Using Fontawesome with Genesis themes

If you are wondering how to add Font Awesome fonts to your WordPress theme, this is how:

You’ll need to use the code below in your child themes function.php file

Once that’s done you can simply use icon codes your HTML markup

ex :
<i class="fa fa-circle fa-stack-2x"></i>
<i class="fa fa-question-circle-o fa-stack-1x fa-inverse"></i>

Icon codes –

How to Like Songs via

Better way to listen to SoundCloud

I was studying for my final exam at uni with few friends and they were listing to music with this cool web app called

You can either a pick a genre or paste a SoundCloud track and it’ll keep streaming similar music. Much like pandora but no ads. Sometimes you discover cool new tracks that you want to add to your favourite’s list. The interface of may have changed when you find this post, but for now here’s how you “like” a music track to add to your favourite’s list.


how to like music via noise supply

Music to Focus and Be More Productive.

I like listening to music while I work or study. You may also enjoy this spotify playlist to focus on what you are doing or as some people call it the flow state. It’s a collaborative playlist so If you are a Spotify user, feel free to add some good tunes to this focus music playlist or even better if you share how you get into The Flow.

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